To register for a class, riders must create an account and have class credits or membership. Reserve your bike for upcoming classes up to 8 days prior to class time. Book your next ride using the Elevate Spin app.

Come 15 minutes early to set up your bike. Staff can assist if you require help or have questions. Once the studio door closes, no riders will be allowed into class and no-show fees may apply. Please review late cancel and no-show policies.

Spin shoes are provided and available to all riders. Riders may bring their own shoes that are compatible with Look Keo pedals.

Come with fitness attire and a water bottle. We have a water station and we will provide sweat towels and shoes. Shower towels are also available to those using the showers.

Elevate Spin has an 4-hour cancellation policy. To avoid cancellation charges, you must cancel 4-hours prior to class. If you cancel within 4-hours of your class time, riders will be charged $15. No-shows will be charged $20. Class credits will not be deducted from class credit holders.

If you have entered yourself onto the waitlist for a class, you will be notified by email if and when a spot becomes available for you. It is the riders responsibility to remove themself from the waitlist if they cannot or no longer wish to attend the waitlisted class. Cancellation and no-show policies do apply when a rider gets placed into a class from the waitlist. Our system will automatically place riders into class when someone cancels and you may be placed into a class during the night for a morning class.

Cell phones are not permitted in the studio. Please leave with your belongings outside the class to eliminate distractions and to allow the greatest experience for all riders.

Parking is available. Come early to find a good spot and if the parking lot is full, additional parking is available on side streets.